Block One Announcement — TLDR; “Voice” Crypto Social Network

Today was the huge announcement from Block One about their plans, also celebrating their one year anniversary.

I’ve compiled some highlights for you, a tldr, if you will.

You can watch the entire keynote here:

Big Year Update

EOS is now the most active, most scalable blockchain in history.

EOS comprises 60% of all blockchain transactions in the world.

48% of all daily active blockchain users across the world are coming from the EOS blockchain.

EOS on Coinbase Earn

  • an EOS specific education program on Coinbase Earn
  • VP engineering Coinbase and creator of AWS Lambda
  • Bilaji CTO of Coinbase and creator of speech about
  • available to over 150,000 users are participating in Earn in over 100 different countries

EOS token is available site wide on Coinbase

  • Coinbase Pro
  • Available for all users as of today
  • EOS coming to Coinbase Custody in coming weeks

Coinbase tech and legal team have done endless hours and audits on EOSIO software, tokens and scalability.

eosio 2

  • EOSVM is introduced
  • web assembly engine for blockchain
  • EOSVM WASM execution up to 12x faster, will make executing smart contracts faster


An eosio specific Yubico key was introduced.

Allows you to tie a specific account and key to a site or service, much safety.

A story of how we got here by Brendan, leading up to the big reveal.

Voice — a crypto social network on EOS blockchain

  • uses EOS blockchain
  • Voice Token

“fairest token ever in the world.” — Dan Larimer

“Created by real people, producing real content and liked by real people.”

  • multistep authentication process
  • designed to prevent abuse
  • share content
  • upvote and “voice” (promote) your posts to other users

A look at the ui, pretty sexy.

posts include

  • images
  • video
  • web links
  • twitter shares (trolling twitter i guess)
  • supports long form content (kinda like a blog) or short like a tweet


  • when people get likes they ear Voice Tokens
  • more you get liked the more you get shown

Uses of Voice Token

  • can promote your content to more people
  • can increase the visibility of posts and comments on posts “voice it”
  • can move a comment up to the top of the discussion
  • increasing visibility of the comment will also increase visibility of the post that was commented on
  • reduces need for followers (imagine all the follower spam out there on insta, etc)
  • many more plans to use voice tokens in the future

Everybody who signs up for voice will get a free account on EOS.

Voice can be used to login to other crypto sites (think facebook social login), a detail that people likely missed, but should be HUGE.

You can sign up at