• Luis Sanz ♔

    Luis Sanz ♔

    Lemur, geek and entrepreneur

  • Hennah Bashir

    Hennah Bashir

  • Kent Phillips

    Kent Phillips

    Community Growth | Project Management. Mentoring & Meditation enthusiast. Good gift giver.

  • WaximousPaximous


    Blockchain Tech enthusiast blogging my journey to moon with bumps and bruising. I'm brutally honest. Working on first drop coming Dec.25

  • covertress


    python dev ★ crypto hostess ★ into sailing running programming physics photography art space singularity languages wanderlust foodie

  • Jørgen Sundgot

    Jørgen Sundgot

    I help people work smarter, live better and unleash their awesome.

  • Alton Sun

    Alton Sun

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