NFTs for Telegram (and Chat) Group Memberships

kurt braget
3 min readJul 24, 2020

NFT as a Subscription Service, also a Instant DAO / DAC

The Problem

Many chat groups have scammers and shills, especially in crypto. Millions of dollars are being scammed in chat groups.

As an influencer or a community organizer, it’s not exactly easy to collect a payment from somebody to join your chat group, even for a small fee.

Many people REALLY WANT to pay to have higher quality Telegram groups but don’t have many options. People want to belong to high quality groups that are managed responsibly and provide tons of value.

The Solution

NFTs are a great way to have users purchase something to join a Telegram group.

Think of NFTs as a ticket or a digital collectible that allows you to be part of a group.

It could be a pokemon card, a ticket, really anything that can be represented as an image.

Testing the Water

I created a tweet about this to gauge how much people would love something like this, a few tweets were good enough for me to move forward.

How it works

1. Create the NFT

First you need to create an NFT (don’t worry it’s actually very easy).

I suggest using AtomicHub on WAX blockchain because it’s fast and cheap to do.

I do not recommend doing this with Ethereum unless you are technical and ready to pay high gas fees.

Be creative. Find meaningful icons to use in the NFT that your community will love. Introduce tiers and exclusive groups. Go crazy.

2. Sell

Post the NFTs to the market where people can buy them. I have verified accounts and I can help you do this.

Users who buy the NFTs will need a WAX wallet and it’s super easy to set up in one click. No wallet needed. WAX wallets allow social login.

If you want to, you can also allow the users to send you crypto or even fiat. Once you receive the money you can send them the NFT.

Don’t overcomplicate this with crypto, you don’t need to.

3. Use My Code

Deploy my code to your Telegram group.

I’m willing to share this code and help people set it up.

If you’re interested just reach out to me in Telegram: kurtybot.

4. Sync

When a new user joins the group they will be prompted to “sync” their account.

They can run the sync command using telegram slash commands.

/sync walletaddress

Now the bot will monitor the group and kick people they don’t have the NFT. If they are done in the group they can sell it on the open market.

Telegram Insta-DAC

Now you basically have a DAO and DAC out of the box.

If you start a Poll in the group, you are certain all of the voters own NFTs. No need for boring DAC / DAO software, this is a DAO that people can get excited about.

This is NEW

Being able to reuse and sell a ticket after you’re done is a unique feature never tried before, but it could be very powerful.

It creates totally different market dynamics. Users would be more willing to buy if they feel confident they can sell it later.

As the creator of the NFT, every time the NFTs sell on the market, you can collect an automatic transaction fee up to 10%. The implications are HUGE.

So much, so much more possible I can barely sleep.


If you’d like to check out an example of this functioning in the real world, you should check out the game Nifty Wizards on Telegram.

It’s using this system and we have onboarded hundreds of members now.

More info:

Let’s Work Together

If you want to do this, reach out to me directly in Telegram: kurtybot. I’m happy to get more communities like this running. I plan to pilot this with a few serious, active Telegram community organizers.