NFTs for Telegram (and Chat) Group Memberships

The Problem

Many chat groups have scammers and shills, especially in crypto. Millions of dollars are being scammed in chat groups.

The Solution

NFTs are a great way to have users purchase something to join a Telegram group.

Testing the Water

I created a tweet about this to gauge how much people would love something like this, a few tweets were good enough for me to move forward.

How it works

1. Create the NFT

First you need to create an NFT (don’t worry it’s actually very easy).

2. Sell

Post the NFTs to the market where people can buy them. I have verified accounts and I can help you do this.

3. Use My Code

Deploy my code to your Telegram group.

4. Sync

When a new user joins the group they will be prompted to “sync” their account.

Telegram Insta-DAC

Now you basically have a DAO and DAC out of the box.

This is NEW

Being able to reuse and sell a ticket after you’re done is a unique feature never tried before, but it could be very powerful.


If you’d like to check out an example of this functioning in the real world, you should check out the game Nifty Wizards on Telegram.

Let’s Work Together

If you want to do this, reach out to me directly in Telegram: kurtybot. I’m happy to get more communities like this running. I plan to pilot this with a few serious, active Telegram community organizers.



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