Twinsy Virtual Assistant — Beta Version 0.1

Great News!

Twinsy is ready for it’s official beta.


If you weren’t aware, a few of my trusted comrades and I have been striving to build the world’s best virtual assistant.

You can now connect directly, here:

to the moon, or mars
you don’t have to count sheep anymore

Send Tasks To Twinsy On Facebook Messenger

Right now it’s as simple as sending a message to us in facebook messenger. Check these examples out.

Click here to test it out:

Asking about movies for tonight via voice…

asking about movies via voice

Asking about info to send unique gifts to people….

Helping me reach my goals…

Why Another Virtual Assistant?

Because we are…





This is basically our soundtrack, if you listen to it, you’ll totally understand what we do for you. I promise.

Release Excitement

This is going to be huge, and we’re excited to share it.

So what’s in it for you? Other than world domination, you’ll get one of the smartest virtual assistants in the world to help you do your daily tasks (see many examples below).

Twinsy wants to help you save time, to better manage your life, to take away your tedious tasks, to show you how to achieve more.

Over 100 people have tried Twinsy so far in the alpha stage. Most of them have really good things to say about it.

Who is Twinsy made for?

Side hustlers.


We will be posting regular version releases, to keep you informed of all the sweet tricks we are learning.

If you want to figure out more about Twinsy, you can connect directly in Messenger!

we’re not saying you should be lazy but…

Version Name

Twinsy — Beta v0.1

Secret code name for this version: “KITT”.


Twinsy v0.1 — New Features and Improvements

🔈 Social Media Management

📷 Instagram

🐦 Twitter

👲 LinkedIn Hacking

❤️ Likes, follows, posts

💸 Lead Generation Improvements

💰 Email lead gen

🖇 Targeted customer list building and generation

🎓 More intelligent strategic connections

🤑 Better lead generation strategy implementation, make

👛 Find and buy stuff for you

😍 Run game on your dating apps

👩‍🎓 Research

✈️ Maximizing perks like airline miles

🏘 Apartment Hunting

📱 Phone Calls And Texting

🤙 Calling customer service for you

😠 Product complaints or returns

💑 👩‍❤️‍👩 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Relationship Goals

👫 Reminders with sweet things for your significant other

🤖 💻 Data Scraping

📆 Calendar Management

✉️ Email — send, clean, organize, read, write

🙇 Find Service People

Other Features That People Love

Emojis 🌈 🌧 💥 🏈

Sass 👧

Accountability Tracking

Twinsy checks in with you about your goals, all you have to do is tell Twinsy you want to try Accountabiliteam.

Try The Beta!

We talk to every user individually to learn what they love, what they don’t love, what problems they have, and how we can help solve them.

We would be super thankful for your bravery to try out this very beta project. Thank you!

Inspiration For This Version Name

KITT was the smart car that we all loved from Knight Rider.

Michael Knight, the trusted driver, only had to give KITT a command and and KITT would always be there to deliver a great experience. Starting to get why we chose KITT?

Get your first task free here: send us a message and use code “KITT”.

Get more information about Twinsy here.

Contact Kurt about Twinsy

Tell a friend, we will pay you, or bribe you or something!

General Twinsy inquiries



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