kurt braget

Oct 24, 2017

4 min read

Twinsy Virtual Assistant — Beta Version 0.1

Great News!

Twinsy is ready for it’s official beta.

to the moon, or mars
you don’t have to count sheep anymore

Send Tasks To Twinsy On Facebook Messenger

Right now it’s as simple as sending a message to us in facebook messenger. Check these examples out.

asking about movies via voice

Why Another Virtual Assistant?

Because we are…

Release Excitement

This is going to be huge, and we’re excited to share it.

we’re not saying you should be lazy but…

Version Name

Twinsy — Beta v0.1

Twinsy v0.1 — New Features and Improvements

🔈 Social Media Management

Other Features That People Love

Emojis 🌈 🌧 💥 🏈

Accountability Tracking

Twinsy checks in with you about your goals, all you have to do is tell Twinsy you want to try Accountabiliteam.

Try The Beta!

We talk to every user individually to learn what they love, what they don’t love, what problems they have, and how we can help solve them.

Inspiration For This Version Name